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"Wir veröffentlichen den Brief."

Translation:We publish the letter.

February 21, 2016



Is veroffentlichen a compound word?


offen = open, öffentlich = public, veröffentlichen = to publicize = to publish


We publish the letter does not mean the same as we make the letter public. You people better start reviewing what you put as right answers.


I have just attempted this phrase over 15 times and duolingo refuses tocaccept the pronunciation and I am getting extremely frustrated with this program.


Publicise is also possible, no?


It seems there is a difference between publicise and publish, in that to publicise means to make something known (through a speech or declaration), while to publish mean to release it in print (article, book). Since they are talking about a letter, it is most likely that it will be printed, and therefore published.


Seems like ver- makes words into verbs, e.g. Verkaufen, veröffentlichen.


But consider Verkäufer, Verabredung. Also, kaufen is "to buy", and verkaufen is "to sell".
You might enjoy looking here -- the German section is past the Dutch and Faroese but those are related too. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/ver-


"We make the letter public" is not accepted? Why?


To make something public is to take something that was intended to be private and releasing it to the public. To publish something is the act of putting something in physical form, typically print (books, newspapers, etc), but also video. Now, publishing is often part of the process of making something public, but they are two different things.


Why is "this letter " wrong? It means the same.

[deactivated user]

    I hear them say ...fer uhf...


    Why is "We print the letter" rejected?

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