"She performed well."

Μετάφραση:Έπαιξε καλά.

February 21, 2016

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Έδωσε παράσταση—;

February 22, 2016


    How would you fit "well" into that phrase? "Έδωσε μια καλή παράσταση"; Everything switches from a verb-adverb clause to one with less emphasis on the verb, making it a much less than ideal translation, at least in Duolingo terms. In a real world situation, with fewer constrains, it is fine. perform

    February 22, 2016


    Έγραψα "Αυτή έδωσε παράσταση καλά" (λυπάμαι—δεν μπορώ να γράφω πολύ εδώ επειδή το χρονόμετρο δεν σταματά ενώ εγώ γράφω). Είναι λάθος;

    February 22, 2016


      Δυστυχώς ναι, είναι λάθος. The focus is on "παράσταση", not the verb. I can think of examples , both in GR and EN, where it seems that when you choose to express a meaning by converting a perfectly working, single word verb to a verb clause that's phrasal, adding an adverb in the latter does not work. According to the Greek wiki verb page, when you go from verb to verbal phrase, the verb loses its lexical role and becomes simply an auxiliary, expressing only grammatical meaning. So, maybe that's why, while in general the adverb modifies the verb, the verbal phrase needs an adjective. The focus clearly shifts as the action is not described by the verb any more.

      However, sometimes you could still move the focus to the verb with an adverb, as shown in the last two examples below. It still does not work with the exercise in question, but that is not a verb turned into a verbal phrase. (I think it's getting confusing...)


      Κάνω (πολλή) δουλειά - δουλεύω (πολύ)

      Δίνω (σωστή) απάντηση - απαντώ (σωστά)

      Δίνω συμβουλή - συμβουλεύω

      Βάζω (προσεκτικά) την υπογραφή μου - υπογράφω (προσεκτικά)

      Κάνω (γρήγορα) την προσευχή μου - προσεύχομαι (γρήγορα)

      You could translate them in English to see how many of them work either way and see if a rule emerges. :) Unfortunately I don't have much time to look into it in more detail to see if there is an explanation in English grammar. I hope this was useful in some way at least. (And I completely agree with the timer-no-pause-to-report issue.)

      February 22, 2016


      Για την έκφραση "...απέδωσε καλά..." ποια είναι η γνώμη σας;

      Φιλικά Κλεάνθης

      January 22, 2019


      Η μετάφραση "έπαιξε καλά" δεν αντιστοιχεί ακριβώς στο "She performed well". Εδώ πρέπει να μεταφραστεί και το "she" γιατί χωρίς αυτό εννοείται ότι έπαιξε αυτός. Μου κάνει εντύπωση που η ομάδα duolingo έκανε αυτό το λάθος γιατί επιμένει στην αναφορά της προσωπικής αντωνυμίας ακόμα και αν δεν χρειάζεται και δεν πρόκειται να γίνει ποτέ παρανόηση π.χ. εγώ και βγάζει συμβουλή χρήσης της ακόμα και σε υψηλό επίπεδο (23/25). Γράφω πάντα με καλή πρόθεση.

      June 26, 2019
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