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"Эта площадь находится в центре города."

Translation:This square is in the center of the city.

February 21, 2016



I think "located in" should be accepted


"located at the center of the city" ought to be good as well, but it is rejected


"That Square is located in the center of the city" was accepted, so I guess they accepted your suggestion?


It lists "plaza" as an acceptable translation of площадь, but it's not accepted in the answer. How come?


Isn't the sense of this really best conveyed by "This square is/is located downtown"? 'downtown' and 'центр' were equated in my old trusty Russian textbook.


I think they are reffering to the city as a whole, not just downtown.


"Center of the city" sounds like a geographic measuring exercise to me. However, I think the most common meaning of "центр города" is simply "downtown" or "city center" - the conceptual heart as opposed to the geographic midpoint.

E.g. Reverso Russian to English English to Russian

I suppose it is true that in most instances when one would utter this specific sentence, saying "This square is downtown" wouldn't really impart any information that wasn't already obvious just by turning one's head but "the center of the city" (as in precise geographical center) wouldn't be immediately obvious.


Does anyone else thing "the middle of the city" should be accepted? It's not British English, but common in American.


Yes. NGrams actually has it showing up with about the same frequency in both AmE and BrE; about 1/4 as common as "center of the city" or "centre of the city" respectively.


"Plaza" was deemed incorrect for "площадь", though the hover dictionary said it was correct. I complained.

[deactivated user]

    Could находится be omitted here? Could you say "Эта площадь в центре города. " and have the same meaning?


    Yes, but only it'd have to depend on the context. It's best to always use находиться when speaking about the location of places.

    [deactivated user]

      ok thanks !


      why "plaza" isn´t accepted? It´s totally correct


      This square is in the city centre.


      Anything wrong with "This square is at the center of town"?


      "City centre" vs "centre of the city"? They seem the same to me. But "city centre" is rejected.


      площадь sounds like площИдь?


      After soft consonants like щ, unstressed а and я get reduced to /i/.


      No, the reduction here is to /ɪ/ Wiki Forvo


      Why does площадь sounds like ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?


      wait until your look at medicine


      I hear distinctly "nakho-R-itsya" (instead of -D-), am I right? I haven't found this phonological shift in any pronunciation rules.


      Looks like "plaza" is out of favour with whomever put this set together. Two in a row I tried plaza and was gonged. Added to that, it seems they don't like "town" over city and have an insatiable need to add stuff like "the" city where just where just plain old "town" would have sufficed. Bottom line, what's wrong with "this plaza is in the centre of town"?


      Can we use середина instead of центр? Or what is the difference?

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