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  5. "Nic nie wiesz o edukacji."

"Nic nie wiesz o edukacji."

Translation:You know nothing about education.

February 21, 2016



I don't mean to be a burden with my questions but what are the differences exactly between "edukacja," "szkolnictwo," "oświata," and "wykształcenie?" They are all translated as "education." "Szkolnictwo" seems like it can mean schooling or school system but I see little difference between the other three.


Wykształcenie is different than the rest. It is about the person who received education, and their level of knowledge, their degrees , the schools they finished, the tests they passed. It is about how educated you are, and how much you have learned.

Edukacja is the most inclusive, I believe it means all that English "education".

Oświata and szkolnictwo are both about schools, I do not know if they are full synonims or slightly different.

If your Polish is good I reccomend sjp.pwn and wsjp.pl dictionaries to check words


Very clear. Thank you!


Oswiata is something like an industry segment; very similar actually to szkolnictwo. Oswiata and edukacja or szkolnictwo can mean sometimes basically the same thing, that depends on the context really. Wyksztalcenie is linked with your degree - its level and kind; it talks about your skills based on the education you have


You know nothing about education...Jon Snow.

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