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DuoLingo, what is the status of fixing the hack?

I know many teachers have requested this. This is extremely important for the integrity of DuoLingo. Maybe DuoLingo could make a button that pops up for teachers when a student turns their wifi off and uses the program. Thank you!

February 21, 2016



Just curious, what is the hack you're preferring to? What happen when you turn off the wifi? Thanks.


We are currently testing and tweaking a number of different strategies to help us deal with users turning off/losing wifi in the middle of a lesson. As soon as we have determined the best strategy, we will release it to all users, which should close the wifi loophole for good. :)


Can you tell me what the wifi loophole is? Because I lose wifi half an hour everyday, and I thought it has been nice to be able to practice without a connection. Is it something I shouldn't do?


Short answer: no worries, you are not doing anything wrong!

Longer answer: Duolingo has always made it a priority to make our apps and website usable even with shaky connectivity. Early on, we decided that if a user lost connectivity during a lesson, they should not be penalized. Our original approach was to give the user the benefit of the doubt and mark any answer as correct if, for some reason, the app/website could not reach the Duolingo servers to grade the answer. We have since found that this is being exploited by some users, and makes it difficult for teachers to determine if their students are actually practicing or just turning off their wifi and typing in bogus answers. (This is the loophole :))

To fix this, we have implemented an algorithm that can grade answers without having to go to the Duolingo servers. Users will still be able to continue practicing if they lose wifi, but it should no longer be possible to cheat because wrong answers will now be treated as such. We are currently tweaking the algorithm to make sure it does not negatively impact the learning experience, but we are hoping to release it soon.


Thank you! This is excellent news! Can you give me an estimate of when this will happen? Are we looking at a couple weeks or a couple of months etc.?


Most likely closer to a couple of weeks :)


This is great news! I cannot wait!!!!


Is the hack fixed now?


I actually tested out if there was a fix and your idea was accurate, the duolingo servers use the wifi not the questions, also I know how to code, maybe I can help with duolingo :).


it's impossible someone will find a way around this "not hackable" thing


I have the same problem as I am in the diamond league. All of a sudden out of nowhere. Hubert jumped from 1000xp to 2000 and has doubled it again to 4000. I have learnt french in school and lived in France. This is baffling me


This might not be a hack but due to the new XP Ramp Up Challenges for the Leagues. I had to completely delete my app and reinstall it to get the new features including this one. Updates alone were not adding the new features. Although I also ended up with hearts after that, but that’s not been as bad as I expected.


definetly useful if it could be done


I still would like for all my answers to be correct if the wifi goes out how do i make that happen?


Why would you want that? Can you please explain?

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