"To jest mój zawód."

Translation:It is my profession.

February 21, 2016

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In Russian, it sounds like "this is my factory" because "zavod" (завод) means factory. Funny and little confusing with all those false friends, one of the reasons why I started learning Polish.


I thought I'd just try without looking at the hints and typed in "This is my factory". Well, I've learnt my lesson.


Ahah, nice. Are you from Russia?


Nope but Russian is my first Slavic language. It does help a lot but then sometimes it just messes me up. Also, learning Polish and Czech at the same time can get confusing.


Nice. There are you from, if it's not a secret? I'm from Russia and I wish I knew so much Slavic languages.


why not "job"? "It's my job" can certainly be used as synonymous with "It's my profession".


Does Polish perhaps make a distinction between a 'job' (which is something you do to earn money, and can be either a part of your profession or something temporary) and a 'profession' (what you've been trained to do, usually over an extended period of time at some school, and what you plan on doing for a long time, even if you go to a different company or location)m


Profession is "zawód". Which is accidentally also a possible translation of "disappointment".

Oh wait, it's actually a sentence with "zawód"... well, it may denote what you do for a living, but you can treat it more like "profession" as well. The closest thing to what you mean could probably be "wykształcenie" (one's education): "Z wykształcenia jestem historykiem" = I am a historian by education.


To jest mój zawód/ To jest mój fach - It is my profession/ It is my trade (profession)

A profession is not a job. It is an education and set of skills (zawód wyuczony) which allow you to work in a certain specialty.

If you are employed or you have a job, you have an occupation (zawód wykonywany, praca w zawodzie) which may differ from your profession.


Added "fach" to the Polish translations.


Is the 'jest' necessary here?


No, it's also accepted without it.


How come it said the translation should be "this is my trade"? Is it an idiom or?


Yes, as far as I know.

The main answer is "profession", though.


I tried to jest moich zawod why is this wrong


"moich" is completely wrong here, I'm afraid. Not only it's the wrong case (either Genitive, Locative or Accusative), it's also wrong grammatical number (it's plural).

This is a simple "This is Y" sentence, with Y in Nominative. "zawód" is a masculine noun. The right form is "mój".


vocation - powołanie (do pracy w zawodzie nauczyciela, księdza, lekarza, etc.)


How do we distinguish between 'it is...' and 'this is...'? Can it mean both? Is there some other way to show emphasis as as 'this particular thing is...'? Placement of 'to' elsewhere in the sentence, perhaps?


We don't. "It is/This is/That is" - it's all the same from the point of view of Polish. They are all dummy pronouns here, and the only dummy pronoun in Polish is "to".


Interesting. Thanks :)


I typed job ... this just reminds me of the depressing teach yourself polish textbooks catered predominantly for english business men which aren't much use to the average joe bloggs with a liking to polish :D


"job" works here, though.

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