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  5. "Mam ubrania."

"Mam ubrania."

Translation:I have clothes.

February 21, 2016



ubranie or ubrania?

as far as I can see, 'ubranie' = 1 piece of clothes, 1 item, 'ubrania' = clothes

do I get it right or is there something I'm missing?


"ubranie" is rather "one set of clothes". Not one item. So for example "moje ubranie" can refer to the clothes I am wearing right now.

Meanwhile, "ubrania" is a... well, a more general plural, for example the clothes in your wardrobe.


I don't think "Mam ubranie" should be accepted.


I know it's a very old comment, but let me just say: yes, it is. At least now, maybe it wasn't back then.

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