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"Komputer jest bardzo przydatny w mojej pracy."

Translation:The computer is very useful at my work.

February 21, 2016



Is there any difference between "pożyteczny," "użyteczny," and "przydatny?"


Those are pretty much synonyms. „Pożyteczny” is favored when talking about living organism, „przydatny” for objects and is most common of the three, and „użyteczny” is the rarest of three.


Thank you for your answer. I appreciate that.


Bizarrely, "przydatny" is "nie znaleziono" in wsjp.pl.


sjp.pl is also good for verifying whether the word is listed in at least one of the few chosen dictionaries and also give you the list of inflections, but many words are not defined and the inflections are not categorized in human-readable way. It's auto-generated for use in Scrabble-like game.

dobryslownik.pl is also a work in progress (and new words are included by subscribers' request). In its free version it can show you even some "controversial" forms like „póki co” or „Gienek”.

miejski.pl is basically Polish version of Urban Dictionary

pl.wiktionary.org can give you full inflections and definitions for some words, as long as you trust the userbase


Thanks for these hints and tips!


That's probably because it's still a work-in-progress.

IIRC, they plan to finish that dictionary by 2020, so don't feel discouraged if you don't find something there until then – just check another dictionary instead. ;)


The English answer with "useful at my job" reads very strangely. Perhaps "useful at my work" or "useful in my job". Probably need a Polish person to choose


The main answer changed to "useful at my work".

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