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Turkish movies

Do you know any good turkish movie? I've just watched a soap opera "bin bir gece" (Arabian nights)...

February 21, 2016



“Işsız Adam“, “Babam ve Oğlum“, “Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever“, "Kelebeğin Rüyası"/


"İşsiz" is "unemployed", it would be "Issız" and its meaning is "deserted".


If you like horror movies, I really enjoyed Baskin. It's about a group of cops who start out having one of those nights where things keep going wrong and end up descending into, more or less, Hell. It probably is only for people who already know they like horror movies, though. It isn't the most graphic, but it does get fairly bloody and its tone stays pretty unrelentingly grim. The trailer's on YouTube and gives a pretty fair impression of the film, I think.

I also strongly recommend "Remake, Remix, Rip-off," which is a documentary about Turkish cinema in the 1970s. Turkey's copyright laws were quite lax at the time and a whole industry of producing Turkish versions of major international movies developed. People physically cut the space battle scenes out of prints of Star Wars and spliced them into their own films, for example. It's enjoyably funny in the way that glimpses into low budget filmmaking are always funny, but it's also surprisingly humane. It has great affection for the people it interviews, even though no one's pretending they were making high art. By charting the rise and fall of these movies, the film gives us a window onto Turkish society. We see how audiences changed over time, when directors were and weren't allowed to be political, etc. Plus, like I said, It's funny!

I've also read lots of good things about "Mustang," which is a drama about a group of sisters whose family gets increasingly strict with them tries to marry them off one by one. It hasn't opened where I live, though, so I can't recommend it personally.

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