Welsh league table?

Is there any way of seeing how we are progressing in relation to other Welsh learners? Maybe a league table or something?

Even just discussions for people learning Welsh? (If I try searching for a phrase, I usually end up with thousands of possibilities, including discussions that are obviously for Spanish/German/Danish etc students!)

I signed up for the course the first week it was released on Beta, and have just got to Level 11, having completed 56 of the skills on the tree with 41 more to go (if I've counted correctly).

I'm happy with how it's going (aim to do a minimum of 30 points per day), but am curious to know how my progress compares to others that have not "tested out" of any levels and are not fluent in Welsh already.

February 21, 2016


I started Welsh with no background apart from a few words i remembered from starting the first level of the Say Something in Welsh course about two years ago. I also started the first week but missed about ten days while on vacation (it's Spring Festival here in China). I was keeping my tree completely golden, but after missing ten days about half the tree needed reviewing, so i've been reviewing a few old skills and learning a few new ones each day. Currently i've got 12 skills to go, so i'll probably focus on finishing them up (it'll be my first finished tree!) and then reviewing the rest of the tree again.

I've found the first half of the course is pretty clear for me, i don't quite have the second half down yet though, probably because i've gone through the course too quickly. Once i finish the course i plan to continue going through Say Something in Welsh and review the tree, taking things a bit more slowly this time around.

Anyway, pob lwc i ti!

Btw, if you just want discussions pertaining to Welsh, you can go to the Welsh discussion forums.

February 22, 2016

Thank you, crush. I had no idea how to get to the Welsh forums, and was excited to see them. I posted a comment (nothing bad, honestly) on one saying I was having problems, and have been put off making any more comments by somebody's response, so I certainly won't be posting any further comments. Once bitten, twice shy . . . .

Anyway, thank you for your response, and to PolMicheal and good luck to both of you.

This will be my last comment on any of the forums :-(

February 22, 2016

Don't let that get you down, the forums can be a really wonderful tool and it'd be a shame to let one bad experience keep you away for good. I believe the downvotes are mostly to separate spam, but i think the forums could do without them or change them for an actual spam button, as while when we think about it getting downvoted isn't really a big deal (after all, the site is full of anonymous people hiding behind their computer screens), it is demotivating. Not being able to strengthen Present Tense 1 is a common bug that gets asked quite often, though if you haven't been watching the forums you wouldn't know. Some people are just like that, they assume that what they know everyone knows. I mostly ignore the up/down arrows, if i've got a question and 10 people mark me down but one answers it, at least my question was answered!

Btw, i spent a lot of time on Duolingo today and finished off my tree, my first completed tree at Duolingo!

Hope to see you around and that you're not afraid to ask questions in the future. At least your problem was solved :)

February 22, 2016

I've only completed 27 skills in the Welsh tree and I'm level 11.. I'm going pretty slowly.. :-P

February 22, 2016

I'm on level 9, but I'm going real slow, and am just going over lessons up to the first checkpoint. When i first came across Duolingo, I rushed my Spanish tree and finished it in 55 days, but didn't really understand the language at all - learnt my lesson, but everyone has to find their own way. Taking it slow and going over things many times works for me. I feel like I don't have a 'key' into the language; with Spanish I already knew a bit of French so that helped. But I'm really loving the course, I really like this language and want to take it further.

I'm combining it with the Welsh for Duolingo Course on Memrise, and I've downloaded the SSIW app to my iPad, so when I have a bit more time I'm going to add that too.

February 22, 2016

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