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  5. "Сейчас мама отдыхает."

"Сейчас мама отдыхает."

Translation:Now mom is having a rest.

February 22, 2016



No one in this region of the US says "is having a rest", they would say "is resting"


Same here; I wouldn't know, but it sounds more UK in my opinion.


Funny enough, if you Google it, most of the results are Russian.


Nobody in the Western hemisphere says that, except maybe people in the UK consulates

Fortunately, Duo accepts "Mom is resting now"


In U.K. We say "Mum is taking a rest now". More usual would be "She's taking a little rest now". The expression "Mum is having a rest now" works also in British English.


"To relax" feels umpteen times more natural than "to have a rest" to this American English speaker. Unless this "to have a rest" business is colloquial British, I think we could do without it. Please shoot me down if this phrase is a part of your daily lexicon. I'd be curious to hear where you're from


I would support the statement that "to relax" is more natural than "to have a rest", but I'm not convinced that the meaning is quite the same. I personally would translate "отдыхает" as "resting".


It must be very British then, as to my southern UK ears, 'having a rest' sounds more natural than just 'resting'. And 'taking a rest' sounds very American to me.


I completely agree with you Robert973169, as a Londoner "having a rest" is what I'd be most likely to use in everyday speech.

I didn't realise that it was primarily a British expression though, so I've learnt something new today!


I don't know any American regions that say "take a rest". English in the US just uses "to relax" or "to rest" no auxiliary verb.


отдыха́ть - Imperfective отдохну́ть - Perfective


Я часто отдыхаю. Ты уже отдохнёшь.


We could say "Mom is taking a rest now" instead of "having," which is not idiomatic to my US ears.


A person can be "at rest" or "resting" when they're tired. A person can be "laid to rest" when they die. However, "having a rest" does not sound very natural.


however i like this sentence..i'm resting with duolingo right now


In Polish, almost the same verb means to breathe: oddychać vs otdychat' (Polish transcription). I wonder if there's some connection betwen those two.


In Russian "to breathe" is дышать

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Процентов 60-70 русских и польских слов имеют связь. В этих двух словах общий корень хотя означает разное.


there is not "моя" here. Why "my mom"? If it is not about "my" mom?? For example - (Child ask) Что (моя) мама делает сейчас? - (anybody) Сейчас (твоя) мама отдыхает


The normal way of saying this in English is: Mom is resting now. Or Mom is now resting. Depending on whether you want the emphasis on now or resting.


Not certain why "Now mom's resting" wouldn't work

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