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  5. "Ciao bello."

"Ciao bello."

Translation:Hello, handsome.

December 26, 2013



Since "bello" refers to a man, "handsome" is most appropriate. "Beautiful" rather refers to a woman which would be "bella"


"Bella" could also refer a person named Bella.


My dog is called Bella, she doesnt speak italian however ;)


My cat, Sophia, does & she always helps me practice.


A very wise cat.


Come il gatto nel film "Le chat du rabbin" :-).


Hello beautiful is incorrect? Is it because DL doesn't allow a girl to say beautiful to a guy?


Calling a man "beautiful" (without irony) is old-fashioned, but I think that they should accept it.


It's making a comeback in some circles.


I think it's simply to help people unfamiliar with gender specific language understand the difference between bella and bello, as in, one is feminine and the other is masculine. Since it is more common in most English speaking society these days to use beautiful to describe a female rather than a male, and vice versa with handsome, I think it's just easier to explain. Some people might be confused if beautiful was given as a definition - thinking it a less manly word. Let's just say they both mean practically the same thing it's just grammatically correct to use this one for masculine or that one for feminine.


I don't now if that could help you, but we talked about this sentence here as well:



It didn't really help much. As far as I can tell, 'bello' simply means 'good-looking' which is synonymous with both 'handsome' and 'beautiful'. Also, the Wiktionary article (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bello#Adjective) says it can be for a man or woman.


Thanks, it was ineresting.


"Hi beautiful" works now :)


well since I am not anative English speaker I can provide another look at this: when it says "bello", it is most likely to mean "handsome" rather than "beautiful", because "beautiful" is more often used for a woman - that being caused by the fact that calling a man "beautiful" just sounds weird and therefore "handsome" is a masculine alternative for that word.


I think it's just to make things easier to understand. To show that it can mean beautiful but in a masculine way. So that people learning know that it is inappropriate to use this word to describe a female. It'd have to be Bella. It should technically be correct but then imagine how many people would miss use the word, thinking they could use it to say a woman was beautiful or a girl. It's just easier. Most of us are old enough to understand why they made this choice. Just clarifies things for people having trouble with the language.


Well bella is beautiful because it is more feminine but bello can still apply as beautiful for a guy.


I agree "hello beautiful" is correct


5 (FIVE) ciao bellos in a row! 30 lingots is a scam!


I Know that feel, bro


"Bye, handsome" wrong? What...?


I agree. Ciao means hello AND goodbye. If they want us to know if he's coming or going, they should set that up with a bit of background story, not say it's wrong when they are not being clear about the situation.


I've always considered Ciao as an informal "goodbye". Arividerci (sp?) is a more formal goodbye. If this is wrong someone let.me know. I'll roll with it until I hear otherwise.


you are right, ciao is both an informal "hello" and "goodbye"


I figured since they had hello capitalized that was what they wanted.


Yes it's a bit of a daft giveaway isn't it? Have no idea why they do that


Maybe they though that the background is that this unit is about seducing. But also in going away there is a play.


You shouldn't have lost a heart for that. I was in Napoli a couple of years ago and a group of Italian women called out, "Ciao bello!" to me as I left.


As far as I know, this should be translated as "hello, handsome" and also as "bye, handsome". There is no way to know which one should be in the italian sentence.


It's a pick up line, so it should be a greeting!


It's flirting. So, you could be flirting with him as he walks away too.


You can say this exactly the same to male and to female ones! Maybe is nowadays still less common that a female approach a male first, but, if she does it, what is the difference with other speeches? "Hey man! I need to light a cigarette... thanks but I don't smoke, it was just a trick to let you speak and let me value how much am I really interested on you...": contorted way but could fit the idea that females be contorted so to overcome the light irritation. "Please could you help me? I need to go at this address.... and the more I am not sure of this handwriting... uh... very complicated way... will I succeed?": so if the man or boy had no time he has to lost an appointment in which he would gain a graduation, or money, and then you will like him less, or anyway be less comfortable if living with him, and he would detest you for that inconvenience if you just want to copulate or treat him like a pet. Or you will lose an occasion if he won't or cannot give you much attention for being in a hurry or being in low spirits or God knows what in that moment.


Needs fixing! 'Hi, beautiful' not accepted.


I think you should click on the little flag instead of comments. That way, developers will see your feedback instead of us users.


The description of "bello" includes "beautiful". So, that's what I wrote, but it said I was incorrect. If beautiful is not an acceptable word for "bello" then it should not be listed as a meaning for the word.


When Duolingo lists meanings for a word, it's usually the first one listed. The others are telling you how you might use it in other sentences. If it were supposed to be "Hello, beautiful," then beautiful would be the first listed translation.


bello its for male and bella its for female?


Count "Hey, good lookin'!"


I think it can also be an affectionate way to say hi to a friend. Here in Bologna, I hear people say "Ciao bello" in a nice way. But "Che bello" (as I tried) is definitely more of a romantic thing.


Yes: "ciao" is friendly, "buongiorno / buonasera" are more formal/romantic, and old fashioned greetings could be nice/happy as "buondì".

"Che bello" as greeting never noticed. Maybe "che figo!" but not exactly a greeting. Bye!


There was an elderly man I met who spoke in fractured English/Italian. He kept greeting everyone as Hello bello/bella. "Hello bello" made me grin! I remember thinking that it should have been in a cellphone commercial it was so fun to say! Sorry I know that's kinda random, but I just felt like sharing it. :)


Hi gorgeous must be accepted!


Italian doesn't really have a special word for handsome. It's just bello or bella depending on gender.


This is so wrong! DL is looking for us to clarify whether or not we understand how to use bello/bella. DL gives us "sweetheart" as a possible translation for "bello," yet marked "Hello sweetheart!" incorrect for "Ciao bello." In American English, "sweetheart" has no gender reference. (The following e.g., "He was her high school sweetheart before they became married," is perfectly correct English.)


Ciao strikes me as unromantic. I'd more likely use "Buona sera, bello/a" or something of that sort. Even "salve" seems better than "ciao"






?? What are you talking about? This is Italian course, not German.


Una mattina mi sono svegliato, o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! Una mattina mi sono svegliato, e ho trovato l'invasor ...


Ok guys, I know this is not the English course, but this is just too strange. In my native language (Croatian) we use commas a lot more than in English sentences, but in this sentence "Hello, handsome" there shouldn't be any comma, but there it is!

Even the Italian sentence "Ciao bello" is without comma, which sounds natural. Adding comma just sounds like unnatural putting two words together that are no related.



Always use a comma when directly addressing someone/something


Thx, this explains it. Still in Italian and Croatian there is no comma here, but English needs it, so I just have to accept that :)


So how would I say hello beautiful then if I am speaking to a woman


"Ciao bello" sounds like Chabelo, which is the name of a Mexican actor and a TV host who has been working on television for over sixty years. If you know him this expresion is kind of funny.


flashbacks of auf wiedersehen sweetheart begin


My answer is correct... I did not put the comma... Why does DL consider it a mistake?


How about " Bye gorgeous". You know the word "ciao" is good to say both "hello" and "goodbye"


I dont know much but all other latin based languages have feminine and masculine words. Bello is masculine so it usually is used for a man in the way people use handsome. Bella is the opposite which is used for a woman in the way people use beautiful.


It could be, but why not, on the other side, "handsome" means "bello" when referring a male person.

"Bello": containing beauty, pleasure to relate with, usually in sight, but nevertheless in hearing, listening, talking, contracting, playing, walking, acting in general.

While good smells are "good": "buoni". "Buono"="good" is more moral than "bello", yet both adjectives means, if you just meditate about them, both good and beautiful: the latter sublining an evident goodness that does not require consideration about diachronic time.

It seems that anciently people lost this conscience, and it is a very pity that some art reviewers and mainstream mass media strive to let us believe that those would be completely distinct categories!


You're right, I would translate it as "hi dude!". Because a man often says it to another male friend (without romantic meaning)


Oh god! This is the most used line among non italian speakers and it's so annoying! Please never use it!


Please be simple, be not snob and filthy, just use it, let not repressing attempts to win on you, on life, on simplicity beauty!


I'm just saying that Italian people use this sentence in a different way that non native speakers do. If you say ciao bella/o to a stranger it's harassing. You can use it only with close friends


Not exact. We can use it toward whom we like. You may feel harassed and go on snobbish as you like, with such greeting or without or with whatever other persons say or act. Farewell!


I will use it with pleasure! Thank you!


What is wrong with 'gorgeous'?


Do bello and bella mean the same thing?


Yes: Bello for the men and Bella for the women


O partigiano, portami via O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao


O bella ciao, bella ciao...


The expression "Ciao bello" is normally used when you say goodbye to a person (in this case a man). "Ciao bella" would be for a woman. Something similar happens in Spanish


Please girls and women do not mind such rubbish.


'^_^ this is not a lesson about flirting, is a lesson to become tamarri, ahahah


After you become fluent, you will be able to loose the bello as is seen here. http://i.imgur.com/x6ElQF8.png


Try typing in hello, handsome, and see what it says. Its kind of funny.


Why is 'Hello there, handsome' incorrect?


Creepy, imagine saying this to a girl


You would never say that to a girl. It would be like saying to your mother "Hello father!". That doesn't make any sense. To a girl you would say "Ciao bella!".


dang it, doesn't work for us guys


O bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao


note: this is kinda rude if you don't know the person. like, if you're walking down the streets and someone that you don't know says to you "ciao bello!" is not that romantic lol


An Itlaian song called "Bella Ciao"

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