"Dw i'n gweithio mewn ysgol."

Translation:I work in a school.

February 22, 2016

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Wouldn't 'I work at a school' also be acceptable?


Dim problem! If Lingo says no to that one, just tick 'my answer should be accepted'.


What's the difference between "chi" and "chi'n"?


chi is one word, and chi'n is two: chi + yn.

That yn is the same one that's in the contractions mae e'n ... or dw i'n ....

So basically, you use it before a predicate noun or adjective; or before a main/full verb in the present tense. (But not eisiau/isio, which is a bit special grammatically.)


Is that right, though? I thought mewn = 'in'?


The current "best" translation is "I work in a school.", which matches what you thought:

  • Dw i'n gweithio - I work
  • mewn - in
  • ysgol. - a school.


Would "I am working in school" be okay?


Interesting! I think 'in school' in English implies a particular school - it implies a definite article: the speaker knows which one it is.

As i understand it, 'mewn ysgol' in Welsh implies 'a school' - the speaker isn't saying which school they're working in, so your suggestion isn't, i think, the best translation.

My first language is English, but I'm just learning Welsh.


Voice and words do not match

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