"Jesteśmy w barze."

Translation:We are in the bar.

February 22, 2016

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Should be "at the bar," but "in" is not incorrect.


"At the bar" implies standing next to the piece of furniture where the drinks are ordered and gotten. "In the bar" implies being in the building/room/whatever that contains that piece of furniture.


Yes you're right, but where I am, we usually don't say "in the bar."

"Where are our friends tonight?" --"They're at the bar," regardless of referring to the building or the bar itself


Agreed, seldom would someone say they are 'in the bar'. At the bar, at the concert, at the restaurant


I don't think I would ever say "in the bar," that sounds like I am hiding inside the actual counter. "At the bar" sounds much better for being at the building, regardless whether you're at a table or sitting at the bar.


OK, we will change the main answer to 'at the bar'.

EDIT: And 2 years later, back to 'in the bar'.


Disagree (England brought up in North West, live in South now). At the bar is standing waiting to be served in most cases. "In" implies in the building. At would be more normal for at "name of bar" but "in the pub" sounds more normal to me than "at the pub" unless they were in the garden.


I agree, I would be "in the pub, at the bar" ( or vice-versa). This brings back memories from before the lockdown!


Barze is what case? Its not locative?


Maria. It was not "baru"? Therefore, which case is "baru"? (The sistem doesn't allow me to reply the comment)


Hmmm. I don't see any comments by "Maria", but, according to http://aztekium.pl/przypadki.py?szukaj=bar&lang=en& , it's genitive.


What gender is bar The only ze locative ending i can find i feminine, but bar does not end in an 'a'


It's masculine inanimate. The ending is not "ze." When a Polish word ends in an R, the R becomes "rz" before E. Just like T becomes "cie" and D becomes "dzie"


See https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bar#Polish (and click on "Declension") for further details.


So could "Jesteśmy w barze" mean in Polish that we are standing at the bar itself?

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