Translation:A woman

February 22, 2016



Dynes is constructed with dyn ("man; person") + -es (feminine suffix). Welsh dyn, Breton den ("human; person; husband") and Irish duine ("person") and daon ("human being") come from Proto-Celtic *gdonyos ("person"), which comes from Proto-Indo-European *(dʰ)ǵʰm̥mō (“earthling, human” [of which English gome and groom, Lithuanian žmogùs, "human; man", and also Latin homō, as in "homo sapiens", that rendered Romance languages hombre/home/homme/uomo/om]), a derivation of *dʰéǵʰōm (“earth” [Latin humus, "soil", and humilis, "humble"]).

April 2, 2018


What does gwraig mean as in hen wraig

February 22, 2016


Woman. hen wraig - 'old woman'. menyw and benyw are other words used for 'woman'. You will come across all four words in the wild.

gwraig is also used to mean 'wife'.

February 22, 2016


I feel like Dynes should be 'Lady' because I generally hear it in a customer service context when you want to refer to someone politely or am I completely wrong?

February 22, 2016


Old lady

July 2, 2018


Should "a lady" be accepted?

April 5, 2018


Not really. There are other words and terms more specific to 'a lady' - look in geiriaduracademi.org, for example.

April 5, 2018
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