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  5. "Do you have some pepper?"

"Do you have some pepper?"

Translation:Masz pieprz?

February 22, 2016



Macie trochę pieprzu


Doesn't "Masz pieprz?" mean "Do you have pepper?"? Because intuition tells me that the genitive (pieprzu) should impart the meaning of "some", like the du/des in French


Yes, it does actually mean "do you have pepper?", but just changing into genitive is incorrect. You would need to add „trochę”, just as martiankoolaid suggested. The literal translation of „masz trochę pieprzu?” is "do you have some of the pepper?".

We just don't really use „trochę” that much. Well, perhaps neither do English speakers, but the course creators cannot alter the English sentences on the course, only its Polish translations.


correct me if I'm wrong, but "papryka" is a bell pepper? the english could mean either


I'm no botanist, but I it's something along the lines of big peppers like bell pepper, chili pepper, etc. being papryka, and the small one like black pepper being pieprz.


I'm no pepperologist but table pepper comes from peppercorns which aren't related (that closely) to the bell or the chili pepper. Totally different things with he same name.


I had "Mają państwo pieprz?" as the correct option with this question (select 1/2/3 variant).

Really threw me off... I didn't realize it was a case of formal You. I only picked that option because the others didn't even have a mention of pepper and therefore were clearly wrong.


The Formal You answers from the new tree we're working on must have went to the current tree accidentally. We changed the main answers.

But yeah, this is a perfectly fine Formal You (plural, mixed gender) answer.

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