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"Кафе справа закрыто, но в этом районе есть ещё одно."

Translation:The cafe on the right is closed, but there is another in this district.

February 22, 2016



Should be "another one" ...


"The café on the right is closed, but there is still another in this neighborhood" should also be accepted.


It was marked wrong because you included "still", which is not part of this sentence


It is marked wrong without "still".


Another one - should be


I had exactly what it says above except i put neighborhood instead of district and to the right instead of on the right. Both are valid translations.


This is certainly true and can be said more forcefully. "District" is very unnatural. Area and neighborhood are good.

Furthermore another one should be accepted.


For some reason translating from English using в этом районе есть другое is marked correct, in fact


It would be helpful if the correction did not conceal my incorrect answer. It would be so much easier if I could compare the two to see exactly what my mistake was.


Spelling еще is also correct


In previous exercises, "area" was accepted for район


. . . and 'neighborhood'.

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As a native speaker, I can tell that the pronouncation of "кафе" is wrong. It should sound like кафэ, closer to English café, not каф'е with palatized ф.


The sentence doesn't fit in the box we're typing in. It's very annoying. Is it possible to enlagre it?

[deactivated user]

    "the coffee shop on the right is closed, but there is another one in this area", stoopid aul!


    Could one use a form of "другой" in this instance to mean "another one" instead of "ещё одно"? And if so, would it be "другое" because "кафе" is neut sing?


    You can, but it's less suitable in this context. "Другой" is "another" more in the sense of "a different one" rather than "one more". For example if it was "I don't like this café, let's find another" it would've been "мне не нравится это кафе, давай найдём другое".

    In the Duo's sentence "ещё одно" sounds better, but "другое" is still possible, I guess.


    "The cafe on the right is closed, but, in this district, there is still another one". should be accepted.

    1) another one seems like a more literal translation to ещё одно 2) still is redundant in this phrase but it's still used in normal speech. 3) the order of in this district being in the middle (like in the given Russian sentence) or in the end shouldn't matter as it's also acceptable in English.

    I don't know which of the factors above made the translation fail (it seems like it's the first one) but none of them should matter.

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