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Using latin letters in Russian answers.

Hello guys, I'm writing this in English as my guess is that it should be addressed to those who are learning Russian using our course. Recently, I noticed a lot of reports, that we don't accept a supposedly correct answer, however, all the Russian sentences which were not accepted include latin a instead of Russian а in the body. So that was actually the reason why all those translations were marked wrong. Please, be carefull, use Russian keyboard to type the entire answer.

December 26, 2013

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You can print this keyboard layout http://www.tero.co.uk/magictyper/keyboards/russian35_square.gif, put it in front of you, and check where the letter you need is.

But I recommend you to learn to type Russian, and the fastest way to do it is to use Verseq. The program is old and is not supported any longer, but it is the best trainer ever. You can download it for free to try, and those several days of trial should be enough for you to start typing well enough for our course. It has Deutsch, English and Russian. Choose just simple Russian (not advanced) and then "Nice and Easy" mode. There is no typing of the same letter hundreds of times, you only learn from your own miistakes. http://verseq.com/


olimo recommended another site, on-line, no installation required: vse10.ru. I tested it and found it very useful, my blind-typing speed in russian certainly improved (it made me confuse the hell out of my english typing when I switch between languages though).

Sadly it is in russian.


Did you try it, does it require typing the same letter multiple times as so many of those trainers do? You need to register to try it. I'm currently learning dvorak using verseq, I have a month to perfect it, it is a competition with my coworkers :)

  • Each lesson consists of maybe 50 characters

  • It does start you out with two or three lessons typing different five-letter-groups (with space in between) consisting of two different letters in every lesson

  • it follows that lesson by one where you type words consisting of all the letters you know so far.

  • it expands on to further letters and fingers by the same method.

  • somewhere around level 10 or so it gets boring for a while because lessons consist of re-typing the same damn four-letter word (different each lesson) over and over. The funny thing is, that was probably the lesson group from which most of my speed improvement came from.

  • Then it moves on to numbers and number-letter combinations

  • Then it moves on to teach you how to use both shift keys while typing.

Your limit stays the same (at least as far as I've got): you are allowed 2 typos and can't fall below 50 chars/minute. (This is true for the very first lessons as well, so in that sense it is good that you are only typing the same two letters ;-)

My impression:

  • It is slightly addictive if you like computer games.

  • I actually found the gradual letter introduction very useful, especially later on when you get to your ring finger and your pinky, because even a lot of "advanced typists" without "proper" training often use only 6-8 fingers to type, so those two fingers need rewiring.

  • When you get to higher levels (and you can do that within a couple of hours) you actually do wind up knowing the keyboard by heart, so you don't have to hen-peck it too much.

  • I probably wouldn't re-use the beginning lessons for advanced typing training (training for speed) because it will get really boring on any go-through but the first

  • For me, by far the most annoying "feature" of vse10.ru is: You can't correct your typos, ie you either do it right or you have to repeat the lesson.

  • At the same time, I am perfectly aware that the key to better typing speed is, at higher levels, not to make typos in the first place - so the same thing that is tremendously annoying, is also tremendously usefull because it teaches me the necessary mental discipline to progress to better typing speeds later on.

By the way of better typing speeds: I'm curious if you find dvorak faster than qwerty, i have not seen any hard evidence, just rumors.


If you can, please include a screenshot of a typical lesson. And I didn't mean actually 1 letter. but when you are supposed to type just 2-4.


Screenshots of vse10.ru:

The first (and the most important lesson ;-) ): http://i.imgur.com/1yEXkjt.png

Typical later lesson: http://i.imgur.com/OTPo05A.png

Statistics: http://i.imgur.com/53MGDlc.png

What happens if your keyboard is not set properly: http://i.imgur.com/JWwGYUM.png


Ну вот это как раз то, что я думала. что есть начальные уроки, где предполагается печатать всего пару букв. Это для меня слишком медленно, и я никогда не могу выдрежать до более продвинутых уроков. В Версек такого нет. Там сразу все буквы, только их частота зависит от частоты встречаемости в языке. Если какая-то буква вызывает проблемы, ее частота возрастает. Я позанималась раза 3-4 с клавиатурой дворак. в общей сложности час-полтора, уже довольно неплохо печатаю, правда знание другой раскладки немного мешает, если бы учила с нуля, шло бы быстрее. Но я уже печатаю реально вслепую и под музыку успеваю в ритм (там метроном есть встроенный, но я предпочитаю Баха или танго).


Для русскоязычных, которые хотят научиться печатать вслепую - см. http://www.verseq.ru/


i cant to faind russian letters.


I use an easy layout based on qwerty. Is that bad?


Depends on whether you can actually type cyrillic letters (not just ones that look like them), or not. As long as you can, it doesn't matter.


Конечно. Just wondering if learning the standard Russian typewriter layout is preferable.


It depends on what you want to achieve:

  • It is ordered by letter frequency in Russian, so if you plan on learning to type russian professionally, it is probably preferable. (It has some nice features like being able to type "про" more or less with one key press (hjk), etc.)

  • If you only want to be able to go through this course and maybe type russian occasionally, you probably would be better off with your current layout, since in the russian layout every single letter except "c" is somewhere else than on a qwerty keyboard.

How do you set it? I'd like to try using it ^^ It is very frustrating to have to go from 400 characters a minute to 50.


Спасибо. A little bit less indirect than google input tools, looks good. I discovered today though, that being used to the russian layout now makes me SLOWER with latin-type layouts if I see cyrillics popping up on screen, because I automatically start blind-typing cyrillic. Damn, I am getting old.


I don't think you really need this unless you a planning to type a lot of Russian, preferrably in Russian speaking countries with a Russian system and a Russian layout installed. I used the latin alphabet-based Microsoft IME for JApanese, and... I cannot say that differs much from typing anything else.

I suspect, very few people type 400 characters per minute. I probably do this at 150-200 char/min.


Hi, thanks for the explanation. Is it possible if you could add the pronunciation (sounds) of words after translating English wrong (or can only duolingo staff do that?) so that i can remember what to write next time? Thanks in advance.


I'm very sorry, I was using the duolingo windows app, I just realised the words register in the latin alphabet on the duolingo website, thanks anyway - I look forward to learning Russian.

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