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Student not able to share progress

I have a student who is having trouble joining my Duolingo student roster. She has tried both using the link given and using the email invitation that I sent her, but she still cannot share her progress with me. I looked through her settings with her while she was logged into her account, and it does show that she already has progress sharing enabled with my Duolingo classroom (my email address and the class name are there), but from my own student roster page, it just says "Invitation Sent" next to her name, and I am not getting her progress updates.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks!

February 22, 2016



Hi SrtaWatson,

Sorry I have no answer myself but I suggest to move your question into the "Educators" forum. Indeed, you're more likely to have an answer from Duo there.

To move your discussion, edit the original post (the one on top of this page) then there will be a button around the top-left part of the discussion page (not in the blue band, under) that displays a drop-down menu where you can select the adequate forum.


Ah, my mistake. Thank you!



We looked into this on our end, and after some investigation, it appears your student created two accounts, with two different emails. One of her accounts is already being tracked by you and is in that classroom. Tell her to also sign in to Duolingo with her @yahoo account and add you as a teacher in her Progress Sharing Settings. You will then have both accounts in your dashboard classroom, and can eliminate the one that the student says she is not using. I hope this helps!


Thank you! I didn't realize that she had created two accounts, and this makes much more sense now. I appreciate it!

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