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  5. "A girl was injured."

"A girl was injured."

Translation:Gaeth hogan ei hanafu.

February 22, 2016



What is wrong with the combination Gaeth merch, as opposed to the correction Gaseth merch? Is this me mixing between dialects?


I'm not sure where you've found Gaseth, but I think that might be the problem since I've never come across it before.


There are lots of words in Welsh for girl. I think on this course there are at least two - hogan and merch. Either should be accepted wherever 'girl' is required.

For caeth you should be able to use any of caeth, gaeth, fe/mi gaeth, cafodd, fe/mi gafodd.


Gaseth was the 'correct solution' when I wrote Gaeth merch


After a quick scan of various more or less obscure dialect forms... it looks like a typo for gaeth!

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