"Your new skirt"

Translation:Ta nouvelle jupe

January 17, 2013

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why is "ta jupe nouvelle" not acceptable?


maybe i'm slow but if age-related adjectives come before the noun (and therefore ta jupe nouvelle is not acceptable), then why is ta jupe neuve fine?


Good question, and I had to look up the answer!
I'm not a native speaker, but I believe this is the solution:
See point 3. in the link above.
Then go here (nouvelle is on page 2 but reading through page 1 quickly won't hurt): http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_fickle.htm

While "ta nouvelle jupe" is the right placement, I don't think one can say "ta neuve jupe". In contrast, one can't say "ta jupe nouvelle", but can say "ta jupe neuve".
Any native speakers that have s better answer, please feel free to post. Hope that doesn't cause more confusion than clarity!


What's the difference between neuve, nouvelle etc?


Is this dependent on the gender of the subject, or just the object? I.e. would it be ton nouveau jupe if the addressee is a man?


The gender of the person you're speaking to does not matter. Just the object.


Why doesnt 'ta NEUVE jupe' work? I just read a huge article that said that Neuf (neuve) should be used when the object is brand new, and that nouvelle is used when the object is new just to the speaker, not brand new. And in this case, they are saying new skirt, so its brand new, right?


Shouldn't "va nouvelle jupe" work as well?


This confuses me. I answered with "Votre jupe nouvelle" and Duolingo said the correct answer is "Votre jupe neuve." Shouldn't both nouvelle and neuve be right, since their isn't adequate context to figure out which one they meant? Or am I missing something?

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