"Мій улюблений чай з лимоном."

Translation:My favorite tea with lemon.

February 22, 2016

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I too made the same assumption in using 'is' in my translation. I also agree that the correction "My favorite tea with lemon" is not correct English. On a hunch, when the same sentence came around for a second time to be translated into English, I inserted a hyphen (-) in place of 'is': "My favorite tea - with lemon." My answer was then accepted as correct. I suspect there is a linguistic overlap. Time and practice will tell if that is indeed the case.


The alone hyphens (-) don't count as words, so it's the cause of the right answer.


How would you say "My favorite tea is with lemon." I'm guessing you just put a - for "is?" as we've been taught. I ask because the English here is not considered a complete sentence without "is."

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    Yes, Ukrainian phrase needs a dash to be a complete sentence:

    Мій улю́блений ча́й — з лимо́ном.

    In oral speech, this would be pronounced with a pause in the place of dash, and a different intonation.


    I too wrote it with 'is'. I recommend a change


    "My favorite tea with lemon", is a terrible sentence in English. I don't even think that's a sentence.

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