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  5. "Menyw yw hi."

"Menyw yw hi."

Translation:She is a woman.

February 22, 2016



Menyw is a variation of previous benyw, word related to Welsh banon ‘maiden queen’, Old Breton ban-doiuis ‘goddess’, Old Irish ban-chú ‘female dog’; akin to Cornish benow ‘feminine, female’ and further related to Old Welsh ben ‘woman’, from Proto-Celtic *benā, from Proto-Indo-European *gʷḗn ("woman" [English queen, Norwegian kvinne, "woman", and kone, "wife", Greek γυναίκα (gynaíka, "woman; wife", thence gynecologist), Russian жена́ (žená, "wife"), Armenian կին (kin, "woman; wife"), Persian زن (zan, "woman; wife"), Sanskrit जनि (jáni, "woman") and ग्ना (gnā́, "wife") and Tocharian B śana, "woman, wife"]). Doublet of banw ‘female’.


I've never heard menyw before so I'm assuming it's Southern? Aslo, I'm aware of yw but I feel like that's a Southern construction, am I right?


Both are widely used.


The only Welsh word for woman I'd encountered before was gwraig so now I'm thoroughly confused.


Any Welsh dictionary will usually show at least three words for 'woman'.


I thought "Dyw hi yw menyw" was She is a woman!


Dyw and dydy are for negative sentences. Identifying someone as a woman requires the emphatic form: Menyw ydy hi, or Menyw yw hi.

Review the tips and notes for Present 3: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Present-3/tips-and-notes.

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