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"Warum jemand die Veröffentlichung verhindern will?"

Translation:Why someone wants to stall the publication?

January 17, 2013



How is does implied (I used "Why would someone want to prevent the publication?" and was told to use "Why does someone...")


I'm not sure how either "does" or "would" is (or isn't) implied. I would expect either "Why would someone want to stall the publication?" or "Why does someone want to stall the publication?" to be right. I certainly don't think "Why someone wants to stall the publication" (the Duolingo translation that I can see) is a correct answer since it is terrible English.


The English translation is awful.


This is not a normal question but a repitition of the question "Warum will jemand die Veröffentlichung verhindern?" The finite verb is put at the end of the sentence. Another scenario: A.: "Wie geht es dir?" - B.:"Wie es mir geht?" I think the given translation is fine.

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