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  5. "I saw my friend on Thursday."

"I saw my friend on Thursday."

Translation:Mi wnes i weld fy ffrind ddydd Iau.

February 22, 2016



I find it very confusing as a learner to have to cope with these different was of say 'I saw'. Couldn't we just opt for one way throughout. Is this to accommodate N & S


You will come across a number of ways of constructing the simple past tense all over Wales - best to learn to recognise them all even if you personally prefer to use just one of them. The use of gwneud is common in the colloquial language all over Wales:

  • (G)wnes i weld...
  • Fe/mi wnes i weld...

  • (Mi) ddaru fi weld... (this one is mainly in dialects in north-west Wales)

  • Fe/mi welais i...

  • Gwelais i...


Doesn't on Thursday demand a soft mutation i.e. ddydd Iau?


It doesn't have to have it here since the "ar" has been dropped but it will still be seen mutated.


The "best" translation, listed at the top of this page, currently has the mutation "ddydd Iau".


Why isn't it 'ddydd Iau' here?


Is it possible to say just 'ffrind fi' or is that colloquial?


You might hear it, but (as I was taught in school) it is technically incorrect, but I don't particularly dislike it, although it is a tad redundant as a shortened form since you can just use "fy ffrind" which is considered more correct.

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