"Jesteś ważnym pracownikiem."

Translation:You are an important employee.

February 22, 2016

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Is the adjective and noun in the instrumental case? I don't understand why. I'm not very good with Instrumental and Locative cases yet.

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Yes, it is instrumental. The expression być kims/czymś [To be someone/something] requires instrumental.


Could you please find me a site where they explain about every single case please

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That depends on what you mean.

If you are looking for a site that gives declension of all nouns - you can use Grammatical dictionary of Polish on-line (you can switch its interface to English). This is a great dictionary: it lists ALL the forms of a HUGE number of words (over 334.000 - more than any other dictionary of Polish), some of them even purely virtual (I mean words that are almost never used). And If a word can be used in various functions (eg. may be a person's family name) - it is listed separately for every function, as it has usually different flection in every function.

However, if you are looking for information which case should be used after which verb, then it is a harder problem. I do not know of any extensive list of verbs on-line. I have a few proposals.

(If I find other options, I'll add information here)


You are a valuable employee? Can you say that in English?


You can in English, but I think that's too different. "Jesteś cennym pracownikiem".


Often said before the employee in question is "let go"/"fired" :-)

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