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  5. "May I ask a question? Yes."

"May I ask a question? Yes."

Translation:Ga i ofyn cwestiwn? Cei.

February 23, 2016



Duolingo just told itself it has a spelling mistake i selected gofyd and it told me it was ofyd


Yep, Duolingo's right I'm afraid, not a typo! Welsh has mutations, so the previous word changes the start of the next word!

In this case, we have the soft mutation, which follows a bunch of words, including i (as in this sentence). You can see a list of prepositions and word changes on this site.

So, let's look at the word gofyn:

  • It's following the word i
  • When we check the site above, it tells us that i causes a soft mutation
  • Next, check the first letter of gofyn: g
  • Checking the site above again, g is affected by the soft mutation
  • g goes to * in the soft mutation, ie. it disappears
  • this leaves us with ofyn

Or, put into the whole sentence, we now have:

Ga i ofyn cwestiwn? Cei

Mutations are a bit tricky to get your head around at first, but you'll get there eventually!


What is wrong with Ydw?


That's the answer to a question that starts "wyt ti ...?" or "(y)dych chi ...?".

If the question starts with a different tense (e.g. "o't ti ...?") or a different verb (as here: "ga i ...?"), then you need a different word for "yes".

Also, "ydw." means "Yes (, I ...)", but here, the question is "May I ...?" and so the answer is "Yes (, you may)".


Answering ydw, would be akin to the following:

Iwan: May I ask a question?
Dewi: Yes, I am.

Like mizinamo says; yes/no unfortunately isn't as simple in Welsh as in English (or even French, which is very slightly more complex). The word for yes depends both on the verb and the person you're talking to - you can imagine it being like in English answer "Yes, I will", or "Yes, he can"; except as a single word.

Ydw means Yes, I am; coming from the verb bod/dw (it's irregular!).

In this case, the verb is cael, (or, ca/ga, since it's mutated and irregular). You're talking about the second person (Yes, you can). In this scenario the word for yes is cei.

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