My Welsh Present Tense lesson seems to be glitched. It doesn't increase (or decrease) in strength from 4/5, no matter how many times I complete Strengthen Present Tense.

February 23, 2016


If you do the lesson itself instead of the strengthening exercise, the it goes to 5/5.

This can happen - with a skill that has a lot to conquer in it. Keep at it - and you will keep improving. It does take a lot of practice to learn a language.

This is a known glitch in the Welsh course. No matter how many times you strengthen the skill it won't turn golden, the only way to strengthen it is to redo the lesson (there's only one lesson in this skill) rather than strengthen the skill.

I think I'm having technical problems though.

In most of the languages - present tense verbs are a really big 'task / chapter'. So keep at it. It is not really about how quickly you 'climb the ladder' or how many lingots or XP you have. Learning is - about your own learning. To be able to get that bit closer to being proficient in the language you are learning.
So keep at it. Write notes, and perhaps also help others and share in a positive way the things you learn - about learning this language.
Not about the difficulties of making something gold, or how many lingots of XP you have. What you have actually learnt, and how you can help others.

Though - in the end. This is the voyage in life that you choose to make of it.
And this discussion you have introduced will have value to others. So thanks also for sharing the hardships you are experiencing.

Wishing you all the best on your REAL LIFE language learning journey :-D

You are right with every word you say, but still it is a glitch ;-)

Running into the same glitch in two Russian skills. Upon completing the final lesson, it immediately shows 4/5 and doesn't care how many times I do the strengthen. Haven't tried the redo-it tip yet. One of them has nine lessons...

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