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  5. "Eu gosto do cinto nessa cor."

"Eu gosto do cinto nessa cor."

Translation:I like the belt in that color.

December 26, 2013



Why can't it be "in this colour" (just want to know the difference!)


I think Duolingo started out with a fairly strict grammar which demanded "esta" = "this" and "essa" = "that". The distinction has been lost in Brazilian speech and "essa" = "this or that" so "in this colour" is just as good an interpretation as "in that colour".


I don't think that the difference being lost in Brazilian speech. The difference in English also depends on the context which in this case is clearly unknown.


I like the belt in that colour...shouldnt be the other way around


No, it means that the belt you're talking about comes in many colours, but you only like it in that colour.


it too difficult some body send me portuguese grammer


You could try: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_grammar or http://www.orbilat.com/Languages/Portuguese/Grammar/.

Maybe the difficulty here is the use of contractions (which are very common in Portuguese). Writing the sentence out in full it becomes "Eu gosto de o cinto em essa cor" and now it is possible to translate word-by-word to get "I like of the belt in that color" which isn't really good English. That's because the Portuguese verb "gostar" takes the preposition "de" (of) but the English verb "like" takes none. So, finally we get "I like the belt in that color".


Thank you for breaking it down in simple terms.


I typed "I like the belt in that color" and it said I was correct but it offered me an alternate translation that was exactly the same except their "In" was capitalized. Hmm, kinda weird.


I think it should be I the belt in that colour instead of I like the colour in that belt


Why is it "do cinto" instead of "o cinto" if "cinto" is masculine?


to like = gostar de

the belt = o cinto

to like the belt = gostar de o cinto

de + o = do


Can someone tell me the rule for using desse and nesse please?

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