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  5. "Your cake"

"Your cake"

Translation:Dy gacen di

February 23, 2016



I always knew "teisen" as cake, which I prefer, and it sounds nicer too!


i'm sure waaay back when i was in school. cake was teisen.


Both words seem to be commonly used for cake.


What is the Welsh for cake? Earlier in this section Duolingo said that cake was gacen (in one of the guess which picture/word means cake questions), so I tried to lenite gacen to acen because it follows "Dy". Is the Welsh for cake actually cacen and was already lenited in the earlier question?


Yeah, it's cacen and was presumably mutated to gacen in an earlier question. Not sure why the course is showing some words by themselves in their mutated form, probably just a quirk of the system/beta.


Thank you for the clarification. If I come across the question again I will report it as an error.


Actually, as an isolated learner, I find learning to recognize a word in all its forms very useful


Me too, but it is important to be able to identify the base form of the word to know how to mutate it in the future. My issue was with introducing new words in their mutated forms without stating that it is mutated.

In the context of this question, I can see that gacen is the soft mutated form of cacen. In the original question, when cake was introduced for the first time (for me, at least), I was just presented with the word gacen and told that it meant cake. I assumed that was the base form of the word and tried to mutate it accordingly when answering this question.


The standalone mutated words were found to be unhelpful early in the beta testing and were therefore deleted from the course database.

Unfortunately, Duo has a long-standing, system-wide bug - the zombie sentence plague - which means that the deleted words and phrases keep popping up. Several months on, and the bug has yet to be fixed by Duo.


Either cacen or teisen.

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