"She loves you!"

Translation:Ona ciebie kocha!

February 23, 2016

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Yeah, yeah, yeah...


Tak, tak, tak...


Shouldn't it be "ona kocha cię"? Is there a difference?


Not really. I put it in that form, and it counted it as correct.


It's not ideal. "Cię" is an unstressed pronoun and shouldn't be put at the end if there is another option.


I have the same doubt as Hemílio. Jaka jest różnica między "cię" i "ciebie"?


"ciebie" is the stressed version of "cię". Both "Ona cię kocha!" and "Ona ciebie kocha!" are perfectly fine, but the first one seems to me like a normal statement and the other a bit as if it really stressed love: "she LOVES you, man!"

"cię" generally shouldn't be at the end of the sentence, apart from the very short - 2, maybe 3-word sentences like "Kocham cię". Otherwise, at the end position "ciebie" should be used. Also at the beginning, which is rather rare anyway: "Ciebie kocham, ale jej nie!" (You - I love, but her - not!)


Dziękuję bardzo @Jallei! Perfectly clear now :)


Thanks for this explanation!


I do have a girlfriend


Must ciebie precede kocha?


Well, in this sentence it really depends on the emphasis, all of the following seem probable to me:

Kocha cię. / Ona cię kocha. - pretty neutral sentences

Ona kocha ciebie. - probably said like "Ona kocha CIEBIE" = "She loves YOU, and not George! Go to her immediately, you fool!"

Ona ciebie kocha. probably said like "Ona ciebie KOCHA" = "What she feels towards you is LOVE."


So ciebie is the stressed form of cię no matter where it is used (before or after kocha)? And if it needs to be at the end of the sentence, use ciebie? But for ,,kocham cię" you don't have to say ,,cię kocham" nor ,,kocham ciebie"?


Cię can be put at the end if there's no other option (it can't appear in the beginning or after a negation).

Ciebie has a lot more options, so it's much more convenient for learners. And that's the reason why we reject it when there's no indication of special emphasis. We don't want you to develop a bad habit.

Kocham cię - Is the most common and neutral option.

Kocham ciebie / Ciebie kocham is a bit like writing 'YOU' in uppercase letters.

PS: This sentence has recently been replaced, exactly because it doesn't teach ciebie correctly, but the system takes a long time to update. Hopefully it's gone soon.

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