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  5. "Itheann tú sicín."

"Itheann sicín."

Translation:You eat a chicken.

February 23, 2016



An audio would be very helpful :).


Because the Irish course on Duolingo doesn't use a computerized Text to Speech system, any audio has to be pre-recorded, and you won't get audio for every sentence.

A similar sentence, Itheann sí ceapaire sicín does have audio, and if you search for both itheann and sicín in the Irish discussions, you'll find other recordings.


Thank you Knocksedan. I didn't know of this.


I misread it as eats chicken juice for a split second


Why can't I say "You are eating chicken?"


"are" is a form of the verb "to be", and the sentence would have to contain "tá tú" if it meant "you are".


I'm not quite sure how that settles the issue; Irish is fusional, so the term "itheann" for "is eating," it seems, should mean "you are eating" when you specify the pronoun. I suppose I'm missing something in your explanation...


I have no idea what "fusional" means, but Irish, like English, has separate forms for the simple present ("itheann tú sicín"/"you eat chicken") and the present progressive ("tá tú ag ithe sicín"/"you are eating chicken"). These are quite distinct forms, and you can't translate from the Irish simple present to the English present progressive, because they don't mean the same thing.


So, this ("itheann tú sicín") would mean "you eat chicken" as in "chicken is acceptable food to you" and you could, at some time or any time, eat it? And "tá tú ag ithe sicín" means you are actually having chicken as a meal and in the process of eating it at that moment?


Yes, though "itheann tú sicín" doesn't just mean that chicken is acceptable, it would usually mean that you actually eat it from time to time, but it doesn't imply that you are eating it right now.


That makes a lot more sense. As for the term "fusional," here's a good explanation: http://www.glossary.sil.org/term/fusional-language


Is that a question or a decision

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