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"Puisque le thé est froid, je bois un café."

Translation:Since the tea is cold, I drink a coffee.

January 17, 2013



"Puisque" is given as meaning 'since' or 'as'. However, my answer - "As the tea is cold, I drink coffee" was not accepted. Is there an oversight on Duolingo's part, or am I missing something subtle?


Should be accepted, unless they are being picky about "I drink coffee" versus "I drink A coffee".


I considered the 'A' missing as being the problem, but it was the "As" in my answer that was flagged as being wrong. Cheers.


I had the same problem. In actual fact in English conversation , you would be more likely to say ''As the tea is cold,I am drinking a coffee', rather than 'Since the tea is cold, I drink a coffee.

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