"I have gone out."

Translation:Dw i wedi mynd ma's.

February 23, 2016

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    Are Allan and ma's always interchangeable?


    Yes. The more 'standard' word is allan, but ma's is widely used as well, especially in parts of west and south Wales.


    Why is "Dw i" combined to make "Dwi" sometimes and not others?


    Dw i is more traditional and makes more sense since it was originally "Rydw i", but dwi is what most young people use I would say. They are interchangeable.


    If you're talking at normal speed, is there much of a difference between how they're pronounced?


    not between "dwi" and "dw i", but the emphasis changes with "Rydw i" onto the "Ry" because of how Welsh words are emphasised and the "i" is more separate when it's "Rydw i" as opposed to how "dw i" is more one word (sounds like "dwee") which is why the "dwi" spelling now exists.


    Why is 'mas' given as the answer, when your gloss here says 'ma's' and why is 'maes' incorrect when that is in the dictionary?


    mas is an accepted alternative spelling of ma's, although mas and màs have other meanings as well.

    maes, the word from which ma's is derived, is not commonly used for 'out' nowadays.


    Why is ma's wrong here? I thought it was interchangeable with allan?

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