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  5. "Was sind persönliche Daten?"

"Was sind persönliche Daten?"

Translation:What are personal data?

December 27, 2013



"What are personal data?" isn't this wrong!? doesn't it need to be "What is personal data?" !?


No, actually. It comes from the Latin "datum" and in Latin the singular "-um" becomes "-a" in the plural. So datum-->data. In your computer, the data refer to the billions of bits/bytes of information stored, etc., so it's TECHNICALLY a plural. HOWEVER, I would agree with you that "is" SHOULD indeed be accepted, because in common usage I pretty much only ever hear it used as a singular (although technically that's an incorrect usage). It's similar to how "panini" in English is actually a plural (panino-->panini) but people call it a singular. I would say you should report that, because even though it's not prescriptively correct, because "data" as a singular is so common in descriptive use/understanding, it should be counted (if it wasn't already)


Another example is "media" which now often is used as a singular, but really is plural of medium.

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    Technically you are right, but in everyday day spoken English, you'll get funny looks by treating the word data as a plural countable noun, and not an uncountable noun.


    English isn't Latin or Italian. It didn't matter whether a word is singular or plural in the languages English borrowed it for; if the majority of English speakers use it as a singular, then that is correct English usage


    Its still wrong, we dont say that in English

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    There are still some of us that say "the data indicate..." rather than "the data indicates..."


    Though it's more often used as an uncountable noun, data is the plural of datum and can use 'are'


    i did not know that, thanks!


    Right. Even if 'data' itself is plural for more than one piece of data, (or memory etc,) 'personal data' is a singular phrase that can be given its own definition, in English at least.


    This is not a natural English sentence...


    why is it not "was sind persönlichen Daten"? why the word "persönlich" is not ending with "-en" as is the case with plural nouns.


    I think it's because nothing except the adjective is preceding the noun, therefore it must take strong inflection.

    Strong inflection is used: -When no article is used (<-- as is the case now) -When a quantity is indicated by: etwas (some; somewhat), mehr (more) wenig- (few), viel- (much; many), mehrer- (several; many), einig- (some) a number (greater than one, i.e. with no endings) non inflectable phrases: ein paar (a couple; a few), ein bisschen (a bit; a little bit)



    I think it is much easier to remember just "When no article is used", because in the second case also no article is used (and in the case of ein paar/bisschen the ein belongs to paar/bischen, not to the following noun).


    i had forgotten that part.. thanks for reminding :)


    I am confused by this translation. Duo tells me that this translates to "What is personal data?" I am a native speaker of American English, and I have never heard this before... Can someone please help me understand? Thanks!


    I put what are the personal dates and it was wrong but said the correct was the same what are the personal dates


    Can you only differentiate whether this means "dates" or "data" from context?


    "What are personal dates"? What is this question really trying to ask?


    "What are personal details?" rejected. :-(


    What are personal dates? What's this supposed to mean in English?


    The answer "what are personal data" doesn't work in English. Data is a singular noun


    The answer to this doesn't make sense in english... "what are personal data"


    The answer to this (in english) doesn't make sense


    This sentence doesn't feel complete or accurate when translated into English?


    Was sind persönliche Daten? Sie sind Daten das sind persönlich. Ist das nicht offensichtlich? Kennst du das nicht? Wirklich?


    How can you translate a phrase that makes no sense in english?


    It should be What is personal data


    It should be What is personal data


    It should be What is personal data


    Why say this three times?


    It should be; What is personal data...


    It should be "What is personal data". "Data" is used as singular. Another example is "criteria" - you don't say "what are the criteria?" you say "what is the criteria?". "What are personal data?" sounds weird to me.

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