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Welsh on iOS now available

The Duolingo app for iOS has been updated and now includes Welsh.

February 23, 2016



I just saw it pop up on my tablet! I will be able to spend more time with it now!! Yay!

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Yes, just noticed there was an update in the App Store. It only stated 'bug fixes and performance improvements' but Welsh is now there. Yippee! :-)

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Only problem is that where I'm at, lesson 3 of Family 2, the app version introduces many new words/terms that have no hints and aren't covered/mentioned in the introductory notes in any way. So it boils down to guess-work.

The app also hung on 'grading answer' for a long time before coming back with a blank correct answer!


i was just about to write a message asking when people thought it would be out

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Nice surprise. :-) Note that you will almost certainly still need to use the website to access the introductory notes for each lesson. Unless you already know Welsh, I think it would be impossible to do the course without them. :-)

Apart from the earlier hiccup, recounted above, it has been behaving itself and is much easier to use than the website.


I think i'll just use both


Just found out Welsh is on the app. 2 weeks ago ... looks like it must have been ready for St, David's day March 1 :-)

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