"This woman is drinking milk."

Translation:Ta kobieta pije mleko.

February 23, 2016

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Ta used with feminine I think.


Now I am getting confused. Sometimes Tam-ten/to/ta is allowed for 'this', but sometimes it isn't. What is the difference in these cases?


It never should be allowed . Please report if it is.

its ten, ten, tamten
and this that, that

which means :
tamten is always that
this is always ten
that can be ten (closer) or tamten (further)
ten can be this(closer) or that (further)

also in sentences like "this is", "that is", "these are", "those are" , = they all translate to "to jest", "to są"


Ten and tamten is masculine this that, ta tamta is feminine this that to tamto is used to represent objects this that


Objects also have grammatical gender, so many objects are grammatically masculine, many are grammatically feminine. That depends mostly on the ending of the word, not on its meaning.

So to/tamto are neuter. And that includes "to/tamto dziecko", so "this/that child" - definitely not an object.


When to use pije and piję in a sentence?


Piję - I drink, am drinking

Pije - he/she/it drinks, is drinking

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