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Welsh Places1 needs some work, I include some suggestions

Only because this is a Beta do I post this in such direct language, please see it for the constructive criticism I intend. I did try and search for threads already started on the Welsh Places skill (specifically Places1) and found none.

First I have to say as much as I have enjoyed most of the Welsh tree so far, this particular skill section was frustrating beyond compare. Second I am new to Duolingo but not to learning other languages, though this is the first time I have bothered to learn the written portions. Generally I learn to speak the language in order to get around, reading the paper doesn't really concern me over much. I welcome the new challenge :)

Concerning "Places1": Instead of using place names that should be considered proper if left untranslated, why not use non-specific places? Places like; grocery, book store, library, restaurant, movie theater, house, or any number of places. edit After consulting my notes I saw that we have already been introduced to Siop, swyddfa, Sinema, theatr, Ysgol, and Garej. This is perfect to reinforce that vocabulary and make it a little more functional. end edit **

Building on words we have already worked on combinations of "I like/want to eat/drink/make/walk/work at home/library/book store/etc" would be a better. This would build on the few verbs we have till now.

An introduction of 'Where is' wouldn't be out of place here either.

Some use of the nouns that were listed in the tips would also be useful to people that are intending to use this as a jumping off point to travel. Things like; beach, castle, church, hill, cave, park and plenty more could be a one or two additional lessons in this section. I dutifully wrote down each of the items in the tips and did not encounter a single one.

When I travel I generally repeat the name of a 'Place' the person giving me directions uses. I have never encountered the level of difficulty Places1 seems to make people think would exist.

I find that this Skill "Places1" is to small and poorly assembled, it doesn't do much to increase any of my proficiencies. Other than the occasional use of 'to work' there was little of value in this section. I believe this could skill could do well with a make over.

February 23, 2016



Diolch for your feedback :) There are a few reasons, I think, place names were introduced: 1) as they are introduced in Welsh for Adults courses (and the Duolingo course is based on them), 2) to raise awareness that there are two official place names in Wales, and 3) to promote Welsh language place names, as even amongst Welsh speakers, it's common to hear "Cardiff" instead of "Caerdydd".

Another main aim of this course in the future is to teach you about Wales and not just the language, but even better - learn though the language :D

Non-proper nouns as the ones you've suggested are included in the course - I know that llyfrgell, tŷ bwyta, , sinema* for example are all included :) Many of your suggested sentences are also in the course, I believe.

I think your list of travel places is excellent and will definitely put it to the team for v2.0 - why this wasn't thought of in the first place is mad! I can also assure you that all places in Places1 exist - honest ;-)

Having said that, I think in v2.0 this unit will be looked at as many have given constructive criticism. Also, many of these place names pop up elsewhere in the course - you won't get away with it that easily!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the course - keep it up! PS, have you see the introductory notes? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13289461


The thing i found with this unit is that for those of us outside Wales, most of those places are completely unknown. Some places like Cardiff and Swansea were ok for me, but the others i'd never heard of. It's not like saying the word for house is , it's like learning what the word for (/·&·$ is, it doesn't have any meaning to me so it's much harder to learn, you're learning two words neither of which has any meaning to you. I thought the Countries skill was great, there were a few cities introduced in there as well but i'd at least heard of them. Before learning the Welsh names of cities in Wales, it'd be nice to know what exactly those cities are, where they are, what's there, etc. Honestly, it'd be easier just to learn the Welsh names and skip the English.


Though I can imagine that you might get funny looks if you asked a non-Welsh-speaking Welsh person for the way to Abergwaun or Caergybi, unless they are local.

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