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"Wir benutzten dieses Mal mehr Zucker."

Übersetzung:We used more sugar this time.

December 27, 2013

7 Kommentare


wenn es nicht ernst wäre, könnte man lachen!


Why is this answer wrong: "We did use more sugar this time."?


Ich hatte extra ein Komma geschrieben. "This time, we use more sugar. Entweder mag DL keine Kommata, oder es ist einfach falsch?


Mein Fehler, ich hatte die Vergangenheit übersehen. Natürlich muss es"used" heißen.


Why can I not say:" this time we just more suger"?


It makes no sense in English because there is no verb ("used") in the sentence. "Just" doesn't seem to be in the German sentence. "Sugar" is misspelled.

But you can say either "This time we used more sugar" or "We used more sugar this time." To my ear, there is no difference between them. (Englisch Mutterspracher)


I would say there are two mistakes: sugar, used. In my opinion it's also correct to put "this time" in front of the sentence but not very usual. (You emphasize on "this time").

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