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"Mae hi'n bum munud ar hugain wedi saith."

Translation:It is twenty-five minutes past seven.

February 23, 2016



Can we write either "ugain" or "hugain"? I've seen it written both ways...


The h is added to soften the sound - it's as simple as that :)


Oh, I supposed it'd be something like that. Diolch ;)


Ugain is 20. When you're talking about 25 (Bum ar hugain, literally 5 on 20), then an h gets added to the front - a fluent speaker can probably explain why that happens, but if you try saying bum ar ugain it definitely doesn't feel right.


Hmm, it's quite fascinating how Welsh does that. I never knew till I started the course. Thanks!


I think you'll just have to learn that ugain turns into ar hugain when you add ar in front of it to form numbers.


Oh, I see, thank you!


h is also added to the start of other vowel-initial words when they follow ei (her) ei hysgol (her school).


Looks like the Welsh is "five minutes on twenty" - are such compound numbers always split?


Yes. In the vigesimal system the noun being counted comes after the first number:

pum ci ar hugain is twenty five dogs - five dogs on twenty.

pum munud ar hugain wedi saith - five minutes on twenty past seven.

Vigesimal is always used for time, and usually for money.


would this work for twenty six and twenty three and other numbers?


Thanks for the update


Is bum five or twenty five?


Short answer: five.

Long answer: pump is "five", but it becomes pum before a noun (like chwech becomes chwe before a noun). So "five minutes" is "pum munud". The 'n in mae hi'n is a shortening of yn - yn causes nouns and adjectives (but not verbs) to mutate (soft mutation), therefore pum becomes bum.

Summary: bum is a shortened and mutated form of pump.


ugain is twenty, pump ar hugain is five-on-twenty = twenty-five.

Here, the pump appears as bum for the reasons mentioned by Jonlang_

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