"I am visiting my grandfather."

Translation:Odwiedzam mojego dziadka.

February 23, 2016

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"Mego" is also correct and used.


One of my teachers once told me that we don't have to use possessives all the time, it's a very English thing, especially with family. It's understood that I'm visiting MY grandfather, and clarification is only needed if I visit someone else's.


It's very true.


Yes, of course. It wasn't accepted here, so added now.


When should i use "ego", as it is a bit confusing to me. Like mojego dziadka or mój or moja dziadka?


Neither "mój dziadka" or "moja dziadka" make any sense, those are wrong forms.

The noun "dziadek" (grandpa) is masculine, so in Nominative (the basic form, mostly used for the subject of the sentence) it's "mój dziadek", as "mój" is the Nominative masculine form.

Now, the verb "odwiedzać" (to visit) takes a direct object in Accusative. Accusative of masculine nouns is the only situation in which it matters whether the noun is animate or not. Logically, "grandpa" is animate. The masculine animate form in Accusative is "mojego". Same ending will apply for other possessive pronouns and for adjectives.

See the first table here for reference: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/m%C3%B3j#Declension_2


Why is moj? not allowed?


Why is moj? not allowed?

You are visiting "him". Saying that you are visiting "he" would not be correct.

You need the accusative case here: mojego dziadka, not mój dziadek.

(For masculine personal nouns, the accusative looks like the genitive.)


So why don't the Tips for this section mention the Imperfective vs. Perfective versions of this verb? Especially since the conjugation is.completely different! I had to have my Russian-speaking, polylingot husband explain it to me.


Ok replying to my own comment: I see that the present tense only exists in the Imperfective aspect, so it's the only one we need at the moment. Still, I think it deserves a mention.


I completely agree, but this is "Verbs: Present 3" and the existence of aspects was already mentioned in "Verbs: Present 1" :)


jestem at the beginning of my response is incorrect ?? please explain


jestem at the beginning of my response is incorrect ?

Yes. Polish does not use a helping verb in the present tense.

Where English needs two words ("am visiting"), Polish just has one (odwiedzam).


By far a nice uncomplicated explanation because I am far far away from being grammar knowledgeable in any language including my native English so I am learning that I just repeat & remember and I thank you for your time

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