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Motivation :(

What are your methods to get motivated to do Duolingo? I mean I know that it will be very rewarding one day, but that seems very far away. How can I get motivated to do my lessons and know that it's worth it? I'm sorry, I am probably complaining too much. I've just been having a really hard time getting motivated these days:(

February 23, 2016



Think that the improvement (in your language learning) is slow (not that slow, actually, in fact it is much faster than what I thought before Duolingo) but steady. You are improving all the time, little by little, but constantly (if you come here every day, just 30 minutes for example).

I have just written about this in another post (in French, by the way), that sometimes we don't realize how much we are improving all the time.

Sometimes I have the subjective feeling that I am stuck, not progressing, that I am forgeting words in this, this and that language (I am studying several languages at once) but then I have to stop and just force myself to remember that just five months ago I didn't know a single word in any of these new (for me) languages. Even one month later (four months ago) I still couldn't understand a single sentence when I tried to read books or newspapers in those new languages, it was like a daunting and depressing experience.

But then, little by little, you start to grow your new vocabulary of these new languages, to improve your comprehension of them, and before you know it, you are reading books (I am reading books, yes, amazing, in all these new languages), all this just in few months.

So it really works, I can tell you that, but the thing is that you need to practice every day or almost every day (30 minutes or 1 hour is OK).

So come on, give it a shot!


Thank you, these are also good ideas :)


I know you have a goal with your language because you have mentioned it before. I suggest keeping something that reminds you of your goal either by your bed or by your computer.

Also, try some other things besides duo. If the motivation is lacking for duo one day maybe that day you prefer using memrise. Or watching a svenska film or TV show. Listening to a podcast or a svenska radio station.

This way you will keep learning your language and if you take a day off from duo the lessons will be a little bit easier from the other activities.


Those are good ideas, I will try these. Thank you :)


(It may seem slow, but don't worry, you will get to it) Think of all the things you could say when you learn that language. Also if you take for example spanish. If you take a Spanish class think about how much ahead you would be of your peers.


That is true, thank you :) I feel way more motivated now after reading these, you guys don't even know :DD

[deactivated user]

    The streaks and the lingots and the practice quizzes keep me on track. Ordinarily I lack self discipline but with these incentives I wouldn't dream of skipping a day. My progress is slow, my quiz marks are far from stellar but I feel I'm making progress. Also, I have a new Sverige barnbarn which adds to the incentive to keep plugging along. I will make my first visit to Sweden later this year - I think it is respectful to make an attempt to communicate in Swedish. When I hit an impasse in Swedish a couple of months ago I added French to the mix to add some variety and because it is easier, Canada being bilingual. That may not have been such a great idea - it dilutes the Swedish and I keep mixing the two. But I'm older and tend to get a little muddled anyway. All the best.


    Thank you for your advice :) All the best to you too :D


    There are several aspects but the main aspect of my motivation is to travel to Sweden and to learn something about the nordic culture(s). I want to have a language which I can speak quite as good as my mothertongue :)


    What motivates me is my will to understand more and more. There is always something I do not understand yet so I keep on going because I know that I will understand it in time. I just keep on challenging myself to progress a little bit more. I do that by forcing myself to write in the languages I am learning, trying to speak in them and also by watching videos in my target languages pretty much every day. It is pretty awesome to get that: ''I understood what is said and they understood me aswell!'' feel.

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