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  5. "I want to sell more apples."

"I want to sell more apples."

Translation:Chcę sprzedawać więcej jabłek.

February 24, 2016



I’m starting to think the explanation about aspects was somewhat lacking in this course.


In case of this sentence, Chcę sprzedać więcej jabłek. would be also a correct translation, but it would mean something else.

Chcę sprzedawać więcej jabłek. – I want to sell more apples. (per day? per week?)

Chcę sprzedać więcej jabłek. – I want to sell more apples. (a certain amount)

If you say Chcę sprzedać jabłka., it means you want to sell a certain amount of apples, probably all apples you have and don't need, and that's it, but if you say Chcę sprzedawać jabłka., it means that you want to sell apples regularly, to multiple customers over a longer period of time, maybe even to buy them for cheap in order to sell for more.


I have a question regarding this. Why jabłek or jabłka? The former is the plural genitive, the latter is the plural accusative (or genitive again but singular?), if I'm not wrong, but I don't understand the use of one or the other.


You're right with all the cases. But to describe the difference, I think I can only use some examples, or I'd need a specific question.

  • jabłka (singular genitive): Nie zjadłem tego jabłka (I did not eat this apple), Nie ma tu żadnego jabłka (There isn't any apple here)

  • jabłka (plural accusative) simple "Widzę jabłka" (I see apples)

  • jabłka is also plural nominative, of course

  • jabłek (plural genitive) Nie zjadłem tych jabłek (I did not eat these apples), Nie ma tu żadnych jabłek (There aren't any apples here)


Up in the topic, vytah mentioned both examples: -Chcę sprzedawać więcej jabłek. -Chcę sprzedać więcej jabłek. -Chcę sprzedawać jabłka. -Chcę sprzedać jabłka.

The only difference in the use of both forms of apple is whether he is using więcej or not, so I guess is somewhat related to that; still, I don't get exactly why. Also, those two jabłka, I guess those are plural accusative, aren't they?

Thanks for help! :)


Oh, this. Okay: więcej, as I guess all the words describing the amount of something; takes Genitive, therefore you have 'jabłek'. But the verb 'sprzedać/sprzedawać' itself takes Accusative (sprzedać kogo? co? - to sell whom? what?), so that's indeed Plural Accusative.


So.... Which word triggers genitive in this sentence? Więcej?


"więcej" indeed.

"I want to sell apples" = "Chcę sprzedawać jabłka" (Accusative)

"I want to sell more apples" = "Chcę sprzedawać więcej jabłek" (Genitive)


I'm understanding this as the difference between: I want to sell more apples / I want to be selling more apples


Sprzedać - right now, probably today (or maybe 'this week' or 'this month') Sprzedawać - generally, (here: increase) my sales in a more regular sense

I'd say that the first one is "to sell" and the latter "to be selling", which makes perfect sense to me but somehow seems to contradict the very idea of Present Simple vs Present Continous :|

EDIT: Oh, I thought of examples: Sprzedać: This week I sold 200 apples so far. I want (I hope) to sell more.

Sprzedawać: On average, I sell 250 apples per week. I want to start selling at least 300 apples per week.


could "bardziej" be used?


No. "więcej" is "more" as a comparative form of "many" or "much".

"bardziej" is "more" as a comparative form of "very much", I'd say. Like "He wants it very much but I want it more".


Thanks for the clarification!


Would "chcem" instead of Chcę be acceptable?


God forbid. That would make you look... well, like someone who never graduated from primary school. There are errors and there are ERRORS, and this would belong to the second group.


Hahaha-- I appreciate the emphasized reply. Got it! No "chcem" ever again!


Yeah, you've got to be careful with those endings :)

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