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"I have three times as many books as he."

Translation:Eu tenho três vezes mais livros do que ele.

January 17, 2013



I am very confused by this lesson. There doesn't seem to be an adequate and consistent definition of when 'tao/tanto/quanto/como/que" etc are used. And the translations for questions and answers seem to be very vague. Is there a sensible explanation of this lesson somewhere? I would be most grateful for help because I have found myself guessing the answers ...


What about this? " Eu tenho três vezes tantos livros quanto ele"


Maybe the given translations are not the best. They are literal, but don't sound good. Please, someone correct me, but in portuguese I'd say "eu tenho três vezes mais livros que ele" or "eu tenho três vezes a quantidade de livros que ele tem".


That is just plain wrongly translated. Three times more and three times as many is not the same. Does the portuguese sentence mean: he has 1 book and I have 4 or he has 1 and I have 3? If it is 4, then the translation is incorrect.


"Eu tenho três vezes mais livros do que ele." means I have 3 times more books than he does, which would mean I have as 4 times as many books as he.


I am confused and have two questions: Why is MAIS used? Why not use "Eu tenho tres vezes tantos livros quanto ele," as posted by Kele981?


I only typed "que ele" instead of "do que ele" it was not marked wrong. Correct or not?


Both options are correct.


I typed "que ele" and was marked wrong. When do you use "do" before "que". This is confusing.


Why did you answer only this question and not also the one before (benhaskell). Because I have the same question. Thank you.


How about "tenho três vezes de livros, como ele faz"?


Oh, It does not work in Portuguese =/


The english translation of this is wrong. It should be "3 times as many books as he DOES" or "as him". Saying "as he" just sounds weird


As native UK ENglish speaker it is correct to say 'as he', but very formal or old-fashioned. As he does is fine too.

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