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"I do not want to be with you anymore."

Translation:Nie chcę już z tobą być.

February 24, 2016



Could you add "Już nie chcę z tobą być"? First answer with "Ja" at the beginning of sentence is slightly unnatural, because in Polish "Ja" as a person saying is already shown in the verb "nie chcę". (I'm a native speaker and decided to take this test for fun).


We could, we added :)


Nie może być też "Nie chcę z tobą już być"?

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It's not wrong, but awkward, as it doesn't follow the SVO structure.


ok thanks :-)


I'm not familiar with the term SVO structure? Is there any chance you could tell me what that means please?

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SVO is subject-verb-object. It is common in many languages (some have it obligatory, like English indicative ) - in Polish it is the most common, although not always, because to emphasise something you can change the word order (but it is rather uncommon and it can look awkward)



Native speaker here, this sounds perfectly fine to me.


This thread is a bit confusing - could someone summarize which word orders are possible and whether there are differences among them in meaning or emphasis? Thank you.


The best word order is "Nie chcę już z tobą być." It's neutral and the most natural.

Placing "z tobą" at the end sounds clumsy to me, it's as if it emphasized "with you" - I don't want to be with you anymore, but I still want to be with Michael. I just removed this sentence (because the main one had 'z tobą' at the end) and subsituted it with "Nie chcę już z tobą być".

"już" is pretty movable here.


Isn't "jeszcze" correct here?


No. Because it would then mean something like: It' 19th of September, I do not want to be with you yet, but I will probably want to be with you in October. Which is rather the opposite of what is meant here.


Thanks will try to remember this



Why do we need to add być at the end here ? (Thank you very much for helping me on this ..I have a lot to learn still !)


"być" is "to be", without it there wouldn't be a verb in this sentence.


Funny how nie and już got separated here. Feels unusual somehow. I would have thought they need to stick together and come before the modal verb which they actually modify.


No, not really. It's hard to discuss it further unless on specific examples, but they don't have to be together. In fact, "już" just adds something, but what we really negate is "want".


"Nie chcę więcej być z tobą" - why is not good?


So tobą is presumably instrumental, and it looks like a feminine instrumental ending. Is that significant? (I.e. is this assuming that 'you' is female and would it be different for a man, or is the instrumental always with ą? Sorry for the probably stupid question ... but ... you know ... if there were tables at teh start I wouldn't need to ask :P)


Yes! Tables!


I know how you feel about a big part of the course not having Tips&Notes and relying on Wiktionary, but you also know that we're planning to fix it in the future release(s) ;) Right now I can only direct you to Wiktionary though: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ty#Polish

I wouldn't assign gender to 1st and 2nd person pronouns. "tobą" just happens to have the same ending as let's say "kobietą", but it doesn't make it feminine.


I know and don't get me wrong, but Wiktionary is a massive, clunky, all-purpose website, harder to use even than a decent Collins dictionary. If you must rely on an outside site, could you find one which is tailored to learners? Or, if it must be wiktionary, at least put the relevant links routinely in the tips section with an indication of why they're relevant.

Thanks for the answer, mind :)


I'm afraid I don't understand the problem here. Wiktionary is a dictionary, one that should have declensions/conjugations for every or almost every word from this course. You should be able to check any form you encounter and find the entry for the basic form, showing the whole declension/conjugation. Sure, it won't explain you the rules, but if we link it, then the discussion is rather about a specific word...

https://mowicpopolsku.com/polish-grammar/ is my favorite outside site to link when we discuss grammar, endings, and so on :)


Did duo just dump me? :(

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