What means the word "fade away" ??

I heared a song today morning in the Radio. In this song she sings lalalalala ... fade away. What means thaht? Perhaps you can help me to know it?

Thanks :-)

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It means to slowly disappear.

If it is sound, it becomes quieter until it is silent.

If it is light, it becomes dimmer until it is dark.

If it is a thing, it becomes transparent (like a ghost) or is covered by shadow until you cannot see it any more.

It is also sometimes used to describe how a person dies, depending on the manner of death.

Vor 2 Jahren

Thanks for this good answer!!! Know do i understand it. She means in the song, taht the love slowly fade away.

Vor 2 Jahren

A few corrections to help with your English:

The word "know" is used in relation to "knowledge". To "know" something is to understand it.

You could say: "Now I understand it" (Jetzt verstehe ich). or "Now I know" (Jetzt weiß ich).

And you would say, "the love slowly fades away" in the present or "the love slowly faded away" in the past.

Hope that helps!

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In case you're wondering which song it is, it could be "Faded" by Alan Walker.

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Another detail: In German of course we can say, "Was bedeutet das Wort...?"

But in English we change the structure of the sentence. We would say, "What do the words "fade away" mean?"

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ahh ok, you are right, it sounds better!

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We love this word "do" in the English language ;-)

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We do not in the German language, that's the different and may also be very difficult for translations. Only little children use it. (Thank you for correcting my sentences, if there are some mistakes.)

Vor 11 Monaten

Only one clear mistake that I can see: you should write "that's the difference" instead of "that's the different".

The only other thing I would suggest is that "if there are any mistakes" sounds better than "if there are some mistakes". If you are marking a piece of writing and notice errors you would use "there are some mistakes", but if you are asking someone else correct a piece of writing you would use "are there any mistakes?".

Ich hoffe das sinnvoll ist ;-)

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