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  5. "I consider him rich."

"I consider him rich."

Translation:Uważam, że on jest bogaty.

February 24, 2016



There are two options mentioned for this sentence, of which one is 'uwazam go za bogatego'. Can anybody explain this construction? Why is za bogatego in this case? (Genitive?) Why is the other answer with 'ze'?


there are two ways of saying "uważam" in polish (well there is also uważam - I am carefull, but I am talking about consider)

uważam, że , works like I think, that

uważam kogoś za coś/kogoś/jakieś - it is a set phrase, with both parts in accusative.


There is third way to express this in English, using an Infinitive. "I consider him to be rich". Does that work po polsku?


Same. It's actually closer to the Polish sentence.

"I consider him rich" could be translated as "Uważam go za bogatego", but it is a bit less natural to me.


OK. I was expecting an infinitive verb ("być"?) to be actually present....


OK. Different languages; different modi operandi :-).


I don't think using infinitive is possible in a sentence that mentions two different subjects.


Uwazam jego bogatym? Nie?

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