"Friday afternoon"

Translation:prynhawn dydd Gwener

February 24, 2016

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Could the 'dydd' be dropped in this expression? As in 'Bore Gwener' instead of 'Bore dydd Gwener'?


Yes, 'prynhawn Gwener' (or perhaps even 'prynhawn Wener', as I'm not sure if prynhawn causes a mutation) is ok.


If one says "prynhawn dydd Gwener", it would appear that prynhawn does not cause a mutation.


yep, tips and notes say ('days of the week'):

"Tuesday afternoon = prynhawn dydd Mawrth (but this is sometimes cut down to just prynhawn Mawrth)."


Duolingo has been giving us sentences saying stuff like, "nos dydd Llun" and "bore dydd Mercer" and (of course) "prynhawn dydd Gwener". A quick question for those native speakers, or those who learned Welsh in a classroom instead of Duolingo, are we supposed to always capitalize the days of the week or do we say "prynhawn dydd mercer"?



Llun, Mawrth, Mercher etc. are capitalised because they're essentially proper nouns, most of them Roman gods (Mawrth = Mars, Mercher = Mercury, Iau = Jove/Jupiter, Gwener = Venus, Sadwrn = Saturn).

Just like you'd capitalise proper nouns such as "Dewi" or "Kenna".

Something such as dydd Mercher is literally "Mercury's day".


Names of days and months are always capitalised, as in English. The dydd/mis element is not usually capitalised except at the start of a sentence, or as part of a title, etc:

  • dydd Gwener - Friday
  • mis Medi - September
  • prynhawn dydd Sul - Sunday afternoon.
  • Dw i wedi darllen ei cherdd 'Un Bore Dydd Sul Heulog'. - I have read her poem 'One Sunny Sunday Morning'.


Okay, thank you! Diolch :)


Is p'nawn acceptable in everyday conversation or does it have to be the whole word


Dywedais prynhawn Gwener, yn lle prynhawn dydd gwener. Roeddwn i'n meddwl bod i yn gallu defnyddio'r dwy?


Cut and pasted from the notes:

Tuesday afternoon = prynhawn dydd Mawrth (but this is sometimes cut down to just prynhawn Mawrth).

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