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Changes to exercise feedback

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Hey all,

There seems to be some recent aesthetic changes to the feedback given for exercises, e.g. Strengthen Skills. I'm not sure if this is a change I'm only now seeing, or the start of an A/B test, so I've included images here for all to see and compare.

Feedback for mistakes that have been accepted are now underlined and now blend into the background. Umlaut corrections (and other spelling mistakes) are also no longer noted on the provided answer itself as they used to be:

Spelling mistakes

Umlauts missing

Similarly with incorrect answers, there is no white background.


When one provides an answer that was correct but slightly different from the default answer, the default answer would appear. This is now no longer the case.

Suggested answer 1

Suggested answer 2

Although occasionally patronising, it was very helpful for when you provide a 'grammatically correct' but awkward sentence because you were unsure of the context. The suggested sentence would often provide context for this and aid understanding.

The suggestions actually disappeared a year or two back but came back pretty quickly after complaints. I hope this isn't a permanent change.

Another minor change (on the DE -> EN course) is that umlauts are now picked up on. I think this is the only positive change.

I don't personally see how any of these changes are improvements. Perhaps someone else sees differently? :-)

2 years ago