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  5. "Policja szuka dowodów."

"Policja szuka dowodów."

Translation:The police are looking for evidence.

February 24, 2016



It is a little oddity of English, but while police is clearly singular, we treat it as plural, so the verb would be "are" here.


Yup, it should be "are". Have you reported it?


I have. I sometimes put a comment here as well, just in case there is someone whose first language is not English.


Both should be accepted, is / are depends on where you come from,(BE vs AE)


I don't think that's true. It's not an American/British thing. Outside of some rare dialects, "the police" is always plural.


Both are correct. Americans are more likely to treat "police" as singular then the British.


Could you please provide some source on that?


Could someone please elaborate and explain the uses of 'dowody' and 'dowodów', such as how to use which and if it is always used in plural form?


I think it's just a presumption that there probably should be more than just one piece of evidence. Technically, the police probably could search for just one, but would that be enough? So if it's such a general sentence, we'll rather use the plural.

"Dowody" is either Nominative (To są dowody = These are pieces of evidence = This is evidence), or Accusative (Widzę dowody = I see pieces of evidence = I see evidence). "Dowodów" is Genitive, and this what is needed here, after 'szukać'.

wiktionary entry for 'dowód'


I do not know what original question was, but, here is the result of my research. Policja is Nominative singular it has no plural, szuka is a verb in gen. that the direct object of the verb is always gen. so, dowod becomes dowodow (accent over O should be there) which is plural in gen. The police are looking for all evidence not just 1. RPS


should be szukaja. The final" a" should be accented, is that correct?


I get the idea that the Poles treat policja as a singular, so szuka would be right.


No. Policja is an ordinary feminine singular noun.


or as I have occasionally heard, "information of an evidential nature".


Better have a warrant...


"The police is looking for evidence" as well as "The police is searching for evidence" ...what is wrong with this?


As far as I know, "Police" is always plural. It seems to be an exception from all those collective nouns that some people treat as singular and some treat as plural.


Hi Jellei, dziękuję :) this is so strange for me, but maybe only because I am a non-native English speaker. Have a nice day :)

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